8 Useful Christmas Gifts For Caravaners

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The serious caravanner in your life probably has a list of essential things they need before that next caravan trip. We’ve put together a list of eight useful Christmas gifts they’ll love you for.

1. Universal coupling lock

Protect your pride and joy with a universal coupling lock. This anti-theft device slots into your coupling to prevent it from being stolen while it’s unhitched.

2. Wheel bearings

Wheel bearings – they may not make the most exciting Christmas gift, but they’re the gift that’ll keep on giving for thousands of kilometres. They’re also a great addition to your tool kit — they could save you hundreds of dollars  and days of waiting next time you’re in the middle of nowhere.

3. Caravan stabiliser plates

These stabiliser plates will make a great bit of stocking filler, and they’ll send a clear message to the recipient: ditch those dodgy bits of timber!

4. Moon double chair

If being in the middle of nowhere doesn’t bring you and your significant other together, this OZtrail double chair will. Just like a regular folding chair, this seat unfolds and folds within seconds. It folds down into roughly the size of two regular chairs. Best of all, at 140 cm wide and with a rating of 120 kg per side, it’ll seat most couples happily.

5. Portable mini washing machine

Great for families, this Companion portable mini washer with a 2.0 kg capacity will ensure you keep your smalls and other essentials fresh and clean when you’re away from laundry facilities. At a mere 5 kg and 330 mm wide, it won’t make an impact on your payload or take up too much space.

6. Power mover jockey wheel

Maybe it’s time to retire that old jockey wheel. Whether you’re taking off or setting down, take the effort out of moving your unhitched caravan with this AL-KO power mover jockey wheel. The lever offers both control and effortless moving.

7. Portable weather-resistant residual current device (RCD)

Peace of mind comes with this Ampfibian 10A to 15A RCD. It protects against overload and earth leakage and makes your caravan’s connection to town power legally compliant. Best of all, it’s weatherproof to IP55, which should see it perform through a Queensland hurricane.

8. 120W folding solar panel

We’d all love to be fully kitted out with thousands of dollars of solar panels and storage, but until then there’s this handy 124W folding solar panel. It’ll hook straight into your 12V battery with no fuss and easily power your fridge during the day.

Whether it’s for a significant other, your mum, dad or the friends you made on your most recent journey, there’s a caravan gift for everyone this Christmas.

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