Selecting The Right Bike Racks For Your Caravan

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Bikes are a great addition to a caravan holiday if you like to keep fit and want to explore the local area with family and friends. Installing a bike rack on your van can be a good option. We look at the relative advantages of the different types of caravan bike racks available.

Towbar bike racks

This is a cost-effective option which sees the bike rack affixed to the ball mount of the towing vehicle’s weight distribution hitch. With this configuration, you are free to leave the caravan at the camping site and take the bikes with you during the day. A downside of this option is that it can prevent easy access to the towing assembly. Also, it may also not be a good choice if your caravan has a short drawbar or you are using a four-wheel drive with a spare tyre mounted at back.

A-frame racks

This type of rack is mounted on the caravan’s A-frame. The bikes are usually mounted up high to keep them out of the way of caravan fittings, such as the gas bottle. If your caravan has a front boot and short drawbar, however, the rack might get in its way. You should also check that no part of the bike will make contact with the caravan’s front window. An advantage of the A-frame rack option is that it can often permit a tighter turning circle than a towbar configuration. Towing mirrors can help you keep an eye on your bikes and caravan during your journey.

Rear wall racks

This is a bike rack that is mounted at the rear of the caravan, freeing up the space between the towing vehicle and van. Several options exist, such as one that attaches to a camper trailer’s rear mounted spare wheel assembly and a rack that attaches to the back wallof the caravan itself. If choosing the latter, make sure the caravan shell is strong enough to support the combined weight of the rack and bikes.

Roof-mounted racks

A roof-mounted rack can be a good option if you are towing a camper trailer. This is also the best choice if your bike is a pricey model, as it can reduce the possibility of it getting scratched or bent.

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