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Road test: Caravan Skylights

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Having a well-lit caravan was so important to us because we didn’t want to spend 10 months couped up in a dark and dingy space. Luckily the A-Van caravan we borrowed from family has standard skylights installed.

Here we explain the many benefits the skylights bring to our trip on a daily basis.

Natural light

The A-Van has four main skylights mounted on the roof at either end of the caravan. These are in a fantastic location: when we sit at the table we can open up the curtains to receive a nice glow of light, which makes it easier to eat or play cards without having to turn on the light and waste power. Their dome shape allows greater head and shoulder room in the corners, making it possible for two people to comfortably sit side by side.

When lying in bed we can wake up with the sun or use the morning light to read, and, as we often do, we can fall asleep under the moon and the stars. We love being able to enjoy nature even from the comfort of the caravan.


In addition to the four skylights, the caravan also has two smaller ones that act as vents. These vents open with a twist handle and, as well as providing a nice breeze, they act as an additional source of light.

It is important that we remember to open the skylight vents when cooking, to allow adequate ventilation and to stop us from steaming up and stinking out the caravan. We learned the hard way when we cooked a curry one night for dinner and forgot to open the vents – let’s just say it took a few days for the smell to disappear!


We are also happy that the skylights are slightly tinted so we can have the curtains open during the day or night and still receive adequate privacy if there are other campers around.

Towing is a breeze

These skylights are made of polycarbonate composition that is resilient, tough and shatter-resistant. Their curved, aerodynamic shape has made towing a breeze because there is less wind resistance.


Our caravan skylights have been extremely beneficial in providing natural light, ventilation and privacy, all of which provide additional comfort to our nomadic lives. We couldn’t be happier with the functionality of the A-Van skylights and believe they are a great addition to any caravan.

Drew and Court are a Melbourne couple who are travelling around Australia for the next 10 months. They’re writing about their experiences for Without a Hitch, giving us the real story of life on the road. Next week Drew and Court talk about the pros and cons of fitting a reversing camera to your caravan.


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