Oh No You Don’t! Protect Your Boat From Thieves

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With boat anti-theft devices easy to buy and install, why not get ahead with your boat security? Here’s how to ensure you don’t fall victim to boat thieves – How to Anti-Theft Your Trailer Boat
Reduce Opportunity
A lot of boat theft is opportunistic, so your best defence is to reduce the opportunity.
Far too often, we see a boat pulled up at a marina with the keys left in the ignition while the owner is picking up ice, fuel or passengers. Sometimes a set of skis, binoculars or other expensive equipment is casually strewn on the deck while nobody is around. Have a place for everything, keep loose items stowed at all times and take the keys with you whenever you leave the boat unattended.
Secure It
Your trailer boat is an easy target for thieves, so where and how you park it is important.

  • Avoid leaving it unsecured on the street, in the driveway or even in the underground car park of a high-rise building.
  • If you store the boat at home, keep it in the backyard or out of sight if possible. Even better, place another vehicle or large object in front of it so it’s not easy to drive away.
  • Install sensor lighting.
  • Chain the trailer to a solid object or even remove one wheel.
  • Anything that can be easily removed should be stowed below, in a locked compartment.
  • Make sure all external hatches and windows are fitted with quality marine locks or fasteners.
  • Install wheel locks on your boat trailer and USE them, even if you’re just stopping for a short while.

If these are too time-consuming for you, keep your boat and trailer in a locked garage or secure storage facility.
Mark And Record
Record all details of your boat and equipment – including the Boatcode, serial numbers, make and model numbers. Take photos, keep the original receipts and note any modifications you’ve made. Hold the records at home, in a book or on your computer and update them regularly.
Rebirthing is a notorious problem with stolen boats and it can be difficult to prove the boat is yours even though you’ve kept the records. Microdot technology offers a way around that: the tiny dots contain unique ‘DNA’ which help them be identified, so just place them in inconspicuous places around the hull, trailer, motor and on any other valuable equipment.
Alarm And Track It
A waterproof GPS alarm that incorporates state-of-the-art GPS tracking together with microdot technology might just be the best answer for safeguarding your vessel.
The tiny tracking device is positioned in a hidden place on your boat. When activated, the alarm will go off if it senses the boat has moved, allowing the owner to track the device in real time using a smartphone, tablet or laptop.
Even if you’re protecting your boat with the latest technology, it makes sense to take all precautions to ensure your next outing is spent out on the water and not looking for your boat.
Buying insurance for your boat? Here’s an insurance checklist you should keep in mind.


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