Is it uncool to park your caravan at home?

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In an ideal world, we’d arrive home after a long trip, park the caravan in the driveway and head inside for a long shower. But caravan storage is not always so easy. What do you do if it doesn’t fit in your driveway or yard?

What will the neighbours think?

Even if they’re not caravan enthusiasts, most neighbours will be reasonably tolerant with you parking your caravan at home, so long as you are considerate.

  • Make sure it’s not blocking their view or light – nothing will aggravate them more.
  • If it can’t be parked in your yard, put it in front of your house, not anyone else’s.
  • Avoid parking in the street or over the footpath. If you have to park it on the nature strip, position it so that pedestrians can walk around it easily.
  • Make sure it’s not obstructing anyone’s access.
  • If it has to be on the street, do not park across from your neighbour’s driveway.
  • Do not carry out repairs or maintenance on your caravan when it’s on the street. Never empty grey water onto the street or into the stormwater gullies – that is seriously uncool.

Keep it neat

Even if it’s yours and you love it, the sight of a neglected caravan is not pretty.

  • Mow the lawn under and around it. Better still, pave the area with stones or Grasscrete for stability, strength and aesthetics.
  • Keep it free of spiders, possums and other critters.
  • Open it up occasionally to allow air to flow through.

Keep it secure

The best caravan storage solution would be a large garage to protect it from the elements and away from trouble, as well as giving you somewhere to do maintenance work. If that’s not possible, you’ll need to take extra precautions to keep it safe.

  • Kids will see your caravan as the perfect cubby, so make sure it’s locked at all times.
  • Check whether it is covered by insurance when parked on the street.
  • Make sure the caravan is stable, any hazards are removed and that gas bottles are isolated.

If you have no room in your yard or a very steep driveway, you’ll need to store the caravan somewhere else. With these cautionary steps and tolerant neighbours, you might just get away with parking it in front of your house. Otherwise, large storage firms usually offer facilities for boats, trailers and caravans, with 24-hour security and unlimited access.

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