The best wheel hubs for your trailer

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Trailers come in all shapes, sizes and strengths but so do trailer accessories, such as wheel hubs. With so many types available in the marketplace, it’s important you choose the right make, model and size for your trailer.

When you’re transporting cargo on your trailer, you need to know it can support the weight of the job. Corroded hubs or unsupportive parts can throw out the alignment of the vehicle, damaging your trailer, vehicle and property. Here are some tips for navigating the world of trailer accessories and choosing the correct wheel hubs.

Know your load

The wheel hubs you put on your trailer must be rated correctly for the weight of the cargo you’re hauling. Some hubs are suited to loads of a few hundred kilograms, whereas others will support up to 3,000kg. Identifying the general weight of your load or ensuring the hubs are rated for the trailer’s gross trailer weight will help make sure they won’t fail you when you need them most.

Keep your bearings

You’ll need to know the size and type of the bearings in the wheel hub. Take note of the ones already installed, as they’ll have a reference code or number. You can often find a corresponding chart online or, alternatively, ask your dealer when you’re buying replacements and trailer accessories.

Look for the pattern

Vehicle manufacturers tend to have their own favoured wheel drilling patterns. Most suppliers have a range of wheel nuts to suit popular patterns, so keep in mind your specific manufacturer when sourcing parts. Some also offer complete wheel hub kits, which is great as long as you know the parts will suit your trailer. One way to help ensure this is by buying the same genuine replacement parts that were used as original equipment.

Measure up

As well as the bearings and pattern, you’ll also need to know the diameter of the hole in the centre of the hub and the number of stud holes specific to your trailer. Generally, there are four or five holes arranged symmetrically around the middle of the hub. These play a major role in joining the wheel to the hub so they need to match perfectly.

Check them out

If you use your trailer to haul a boat and spend time in or around seawater, look for marine trailer hubs that offer protection against corrosion. With zinc plated wheel studs and fitted bearing cups, they are designed to survive longer in wet, salty environments.

The wheel hubs on your trailer are pretty crucial, since they secure the wheels to the axle. If they corrode or wear out, you could end up spending your day on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. So once you’ve found the perfect wheel make sure you check them regularly, keep them well oiled and replace any parts that are showing wear.

While you’re checking out wheel hubs, maybe you’ll decide you need a new set of tyres. Our guide could help with that.


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