Signs you’ve outgrown your caravan – upgrade required!

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Those first caravan adventures are always fondly remembered. The sense of freedom that comes with being able to make your way across the country at your own pace is hard to replicate. But as you become more experienced, you may start to think about upgrading your caravan.

Most people start their caravan adventures with a relatively simple set-up. That may be fine initially, but changing circumstances could eventually have you looking at something a little bigger and more luxurious. The good news is there’s a range of options out there to meet your needs and budget.

Upgraded features for the seasoned adventurer

If you’re not keen on communal bathrooms and showers, one of the major advantages of a caravan upgrade to something bigger is the inclusion of toilet and shower facilities. Other upgrades you can expect in a larger caravan include gas ovens, water filters, solar panels, extra storage space, air-conditioning and a larger communal area (which can often be converted into additional bedding).

Going from a pop-up to a caravan also cuts down on set-up time. This means you have more time to enjoy your travels and relax. And while unraveling a pop-up might be a rite of passage in camping circles, there’s a certain amount of wear and tear associated with the process.

Changing family situations are another common reason for a caravan upgrade. While a smaller van is fine for a family with young children, as the kids get older you’ll need more space for everyone. There are many options available for those requiring additional space, including the popular hard-roof option (with pop-up bedding on either end).

Trading versus selling your current camper

Whatever you’re looking for in an upgrade, keep in mind the trade-in value of your current trailer. Going through a licensed dealer and trading in your van for something bigger is the simplest and most convenient way to upgrade. That being said, selling and buying privately will usually also offer you a better deal – provided you’re willing to be patient and negotiate.

You can find out more about upgrading your camper and the sort of features you can expect by visiting one of the many caravan buying and selling websites. What’s Up Downunder offers a large classified section, and Caravan Camping Sales has one of the most extensive listings in the country. You can read reviews of the latest caravans to hit the market and compare features via Caravan World.

Ultimately, there’s a caravan that’s right for your needs. And if your current set-up is starting to feel crowded or a little basic, there’s a huge range of upgrades available. You can also hire a caravan before you buy to figure out exactly what you need.


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