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Caravanning. It’s Australia’s favourite pastime but to do it safely and legally requires an understanding of some essential terminology. Weights are a case in point.

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Towing Tyre Considerations

If there’s one thing more important than anything on (and off) the road, it’s piece of mind. Capability can be bypassed with alternative routes, modifications

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Working on LP Gas Systems

LP gas systems are very common in recreational vehicles used in Australia.  As an energy source they are quite safe if treated properly and maintained

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Trailer Plug Replacement

Replacing a plug or trailer connector is not only inexpensive but also a relatively easy assignment. Connections can fail due to corrosion or metal fatigue.

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Changing A Wheel

Changing wheels would have to be one of the most overlooked areas in motorhoming and to a lesser extent caravanning. Not being able to change

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