Stocking Up For Long Distance Touring

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Australia is a vast country. So it’s no surprise that on our big lap there have been times where Drew and I have gone more than two weeks without seeing the shops.
Here are our tips for stocking up for long distances from our experience travelling off road through some of Australia’s most remote regions such as Cape York and the Gibb River Road.
Fill up water containers
Before embarking on a long journey through outback regions, visit a local information centre to find the nearest supply of drinking water to fill up. We began each big trip with 80 litres of water to use for drinking, doing dishes and the odd bucket wash.
Purchase vacuumed sealed meat
Before long trips we stocked up on meat at a local butcher requesting each portion be vacuum packaged, a service often referred to as ‘cyrovac’ which is usually provided free of charge. The vacuum packaging removes the oxygen which increases the shelf life from one week to up to one month while refrigerated. We relied on this packaging for mince, sausages and steak.
Stock up on light items
Dried products really are your best friend when packing your pantry for long distances. Vegetables such as mushrooms, peas and also lentils can be added to risottos and camp oven dishes to increase nutrition without adding excess weight and bulk in your car.
It’s a wrap
We learnt pretty quickly that no matter how hard you try, bread will get squashed, especially on bumpy roads! So instead we purchased several packets of wraps, as not only do they keep for months in storage, their compact size saves space.
Be smart with alcohol
If you’re like us you too enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine at the end of a day exploring. When stocking up for a journey through remote areas always consider the alcohol restrictions in some remote communities. For example, significant fines apply if carrying more than the legal amount of alcohol when travelling through some areas along the Cape York Peninsula. Check with local authorities before you stock up.
Don’t forget personal care items
From experience, personal care items are expensive in remote areas of Australia so it’s smart to purchase sanitary products, deodorant and toilet paper (outback outhouses are usually low on loo rolls ladies)before you leave for a big trip.
When travelling long distances through remote Australia supermarkets can be few and very far between – but with some careful planning it is possible to stock up with all that you need to enjoy off-road adventures all around the country.
Our Young Nomads, Drew and Court are a Melbourne couple who have been traveling around Australia whilst writing about their experiences for Without a Hitch, giving us the real story of life on the road.
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