Trailer For Sale: How To Get The Best Price

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Are you upgrading your trailer and not sure how to go about selling your trailer? Here are some tips on how to get the best sale price.

Clean it up

To get the price you want, your trailer will need to be in good condition. Clean it thoroughly, using our checklist to make sure everything’s ready for the road.

If you know you’re not likely to get top price because the trailer’s seen a lot of wear or is rusted, clean it up and sell ‘as is’. Just make sure you mention that in your ad, so buyers know what they’re getting.

Write your ad

Most buyers these days will look online for a second-hand trailer, so that’s where you need to be selling it – on trading websites such as Gumtree, Trading Post or Trailersales. You could also put it on the street with a sign on it, or put a notice in the local supermarket, pub or other places where people might see it in passing. If you’re on Facebook, promote it there as well.

1. State in the heading what sort of trailer it is (bike, boat, builder’s, horse). This will be what attracts buyers to your ad, as they’ll be looking for a trailer for a specific use.
2. Be realistic with pricing. Check out ads for similar trailers and ask the going price or just below. If you’re prepared to negotiate, say so.
3. Take photos from different angles, making sure some images focus on modifications, condition and running gear.
4. Write a description of the trailer, using bulleted lists for easy reading. Include length of registration, warranty, load rating, jockey wheel (if it’s a good one), tie-down points, even rust if there is some. Have you made any modifications? Does it have checkerplate flooring or off-road accessories?

Keep it legal

The law requires that, as the vendor, you deliver what you have advertised: If you say the trailer is roadworthy, then it must be. For more specific information, see the vehicle industry’s guide to Australian consumer law.

In Queensland, it’s mandatory to display a safety certificate on any registered light vehicle from the moment you put it up for sale, whereas in Victoria you’ll need a Certificate of Roadworthiness if it’s registered but not if it isn’t. Check with your state body if you are at all unsure of the rules.

To ensure that you are also protected, take down the contact details of all prospective buyers and don’t let anyone drive off with your trailer before you have received payment in full.

Check out what buyers look for when they’re buying a second-hand trailer.


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