The Big Trip: Respecting the Land While on the Road

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Being on the road you learn a thing or two about how to act appropriately and respectfully, whether on the highway, in the caravan park or exploring the land.

Here are our top priorities for living a harmonious life as young nomads.

Take Your Rubbish with You

So many roadside stops are littered with toilet paper and empty beer bottles. Councils usually provide these spots free of charge, but it’s worth doing your bit to keep them clean, or they may become a thing of the past.

We purchased a rubbish bag that fits over our spare tyre, ensuring it’s off the ground away from animals who may rummage for food at night.

Stick to Marked Tracks

When driving on beaches and in national parks we make sure we’re conscious of revegetation efforts. Even though we may love to go ‘bush bashing’ it’s best for the land (as well as our rig) to obey signs and other indicators when scoping out locations to pull up in.

Know Generator Etiquette

So far we’ve been lucky to camp with some great people who make an effort to inform others nearby when they’ll be using their generators. Simple courtesy ensures that no one gets their knickers in a knot over loud noises when they’re trying to sleep.

Be a Good Neighbour

So far we’ve met some lovely people who’ve shared great tips, beer, wine and freshly caught fish – all because we simply introduced ourselves. Of course, we’re mindful of others’ privacy before choosing our camping spots. Many people head on camping escapes to do just that – escape – so we’re always sure to have a chat first if we have to set up close to others.

Tow Mindfully

No one wants to get stuck behind what we’ve dubbed a ‘slow-mad’. We regularly watch our towing mirrors for traffic build-up, so we can pull over to let others pass where possible.

Learn to Wave

The easiest thing you can do to respect other caravanners is give a little wave or a nod when another tow rig passes. It’s likely you’ll see them again somewhere down the track.

Travelling around Australia can sometimes seem like a sole feat, but you’ll find that there is a whole community out there sharing the road and exploring our beautiful land. We’re learning the unwritten rules as we go along and are enjoying making some friends along the way.

Tell us, is there anything we have missed?

Drew and Court are a Melbourne couple who are travelling around Australia for the next 10 months. They’ll be writing about their experiences for Without a Hitch, giving us the real story of life on the road.

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In their next article, Drew & Court will re-visit their list of big lap caravan and tow rig modifications now that they have spent a few months on the road.


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