5 Signs You’re Ready For a New Boat

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At some stage, most boat owners will decide to upgrade, but how do you know when is the best time to buy a boat? Here are some of the telltale signs.

It needs too much work

Boat maintenance is always necessary, but when you find you’re spending more time working on the motor, removing rust or plugging holes than being on the water, it’s probably time for a boat upgrade.

It’s not serving your needs

Maybe your old boat just isn’t doing what you want it to, so ask yourself whether you can modify it to suit, or if you need a different boat with all the features you now recognise as necessary.

  • If it’s not easy to get into and out of, either through the transom (for swimmers and divers) or over the side from a jetty, you could possibly add flooring or put in a new transom.
  • Can you build in a centre console if that’s what you need?

There’s not enough room to move

Whether you’re a fisherman wanting walk space around the boat or a casual boater needing bunks and a galley to accommodate family and friends on a day out on the water, more room is a common reason for a boat upgrade. It’s important to remember that a centre console or any boat that’s bigger will invariably be more expensive to buy, run and maintain.

You’ve just outgrown it

Many first-time boat owners buy a boat that’s small or looks easy to run, but soon outgrow it and want something that’s designed for water sports, or has more room for their fishing gear.

On the other hand, perhaps you find that it’s too hard to get to the marina and clean the seagull droppings off your 40-foot cabin cruiser for just a few hours out on the bay; what you really want is a trailer boat that you can keep at home and take out whenever you have a few hours.

It’s not so easy to use

Not all boats offer stability and a comfortable ride or are easy to get in and out of the water. If yours has turned out to be a tub after all, take note of the things that make it so and keep them in mind when you’re looking for your new boat.

Just because a boat floats doesn’t mean that it’s the best one for you. When it’s too small, too big, too much work or simply not a joy to use, then it’s time for a boat upgrade.

When you do decide to upgrade your old boat to a new one, check out our handy guide on Buying A Secondhand Boat in Australia.



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