Mobile master chef: Accessories that will level up your caravan kitchen

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Caravan kitchen accessories were once limited to a gas stove, propane fridge and grill. But today’s caravan owner can boast an arsenal of appliances that save time and space, as well as make delicious food and drinks. Here are some accessories that can make you a mobile master chef.

Smart cookware

Pots and pans are notorious for taking up space. However, the SmartSpace range of Teflon-coated cookware is designed to save space. Its three pots in various capacities plus a frying pan will all sit neatly on a standard four-burner stove. A detachable handle can be shared between all four pans and makes storage a breeze. At $350 for the full set, it’s not cheap. But sensible caravanners know it’s best to keep the cook happy.

Not just cooling

In terms of keeping things chilled, we’ve never seen anything like the COOLEST cooler – a hybrid ice box with an impressive number of functions. In addition to keeping drinks cold, COOLEST also boasts these features:

  • 18V battery powered blender.
  • Removable waterproof Bluetooth speaker.
  • USB charger.
  • Collapsible trolley handle.
  • Ultra-wide wheels.
  • Plate and knife storage.
  • Bottle opener.
  • Cutting board.

The COOLEST cooler is on display on Kickstarter, so it hasn’t been made yet. But it shouldn’t take long thanks to so much interest.

The mobile cellar

There’s nothing better than kicking back at the end of the day with a perfectly chilled wine. The problem with chilling wine in a normal fridge, however, is that it’s difficult to get the ideal temperature. For those who take wine seriously, Waeco’s six-bottle wine chamber is for you. The fridge does temperatures between 5ºC-20ºC, so you can store the chardy at 10ºC or the shiraz at 18ºC.

Coffee anywhere

Space and power limitations in the caravan means full-blown espresso machines are a no-go. The DeLonghi Inissia is petite and consumes a decent 1260W. Sweetening the deal is Nespresso’s free pod-delivery service. They’ll deliver coffee pods almost anywhere in Australia within a couple days – just place an order on their website (minimum order 200).


Maybe you can forget about the stove altogether and use a multi-cooker. More than just a crockpot or rice cooker, multi-cookers can make meals in many ways. The Kogan 1.5L model handles five functions: stewing, boiling, baking, steaming and deep frying. The ultimate, however, is the Thermomix, which does chopping, beating, mixing, emulsifying, milling, kneading, blending, cooking, stirring, steaming, weighing and melting.

Homemade pizza

The biggest crowd pleaser has to be the portable pizza oven. They’re as simple to use as a jaffle iron and don’t take up much space when stored. This Kambrook KPZ200 pizza oven has dual elements, a rotating ceramic stone platter and a large viewing window – it’ll cook pizzas up to 12” perfectly. Amazingly, it’ll only set you back $65.

With appliances like these you might end up enjoying better food and drink on the road than at home!

Here are some other ways to accessorise your caravan or check out our guide on the do’s and don’ts of towing a trailer.


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