Duck for cover: What to look for in a caravan cover or shelter

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When looking to store your caravan, sometimes a carport or garage isn’t an option due to space or the caravan’s size. Caravan covers or caravan shelters can protect your van from the elements and guard against rust and damage that can result from wild weather. Not all caravan covers and shelters are the same, so here are some things you should consider before make a purchase.

Size matters

Before you head out to buy a caravan cover, measure the entire length of your caravan and note the position of the air-conditioning unit (if you have one). Some manufacturers do account for these units, otherwise you may have to consider a custom cover. Some caravan covers are made specifically for the make and model of your caravan, but a universal cover may be suitable if you ensure it’s a snug fit.

Quality control

When shopping for a cover, ask about the warranty – a warranty of two years is a good indication of quality.

Covers are usually constructed of UV-resistant material that allows moisture to escape but prevents water and dust from getting through. Most covers have straps that pass under the van, so it’s a god idea to choose a strong yet lightweight fabric that you can get on and off quickly.

Weather woes

Water-resistant caravan covers protect the van from driving rain as well as a build-up of grime and mould. A weather-resistant breathable cover can also protect the van against snow, ice and hail, and prevent staining and discolouration of paintwork.

The sun can be brutal in parts of Australia at any time of the year. Buying a UV-resistant caravan cover protects the external bodywork and prevents the fading and warping of internal furnishings.


When you’re shopping, take this checklist to help you pick the right cover.

  1. Is the cover made of breathable material?
  2. Does it have corner zips, making it easier to fit and allowing easy access to doors?
  3. Does the cover offer UV protection?
  4. Is it made of lightweight material?
  5. Is it made of waterproof material?
  6. Is the material non-abrasive, to protect against scuffing and scratches?
  7. Does it have quick-release buckles?
  8. Does it come with a storage bag?

A long-term shelter

For a more permanent cover, consider a caravan shelter. They are usually constructed from steel, or some portable versions are made from PVC with a steel frame. These shelters allow you to house your caravan in a convenient way.

If you opt for a portable shelter, it’s is important that you maintain it properly. Check that the tension is correct and that it remains firmly fixed into the ground. The last thing you want is to be chasing your caravan shelter down the street on a windy day.

A cover or shelter is necessary to keep your caravan in tip-top shape in rain, hail or shine.

Check out some caravan accessories to outfit your home away from home, and make sure you insure your van against the unthinkable.


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