Sleep Tight: Choosing the Right Caravan Bed

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Double, single, bunk or folding?

Depending on the number of people you’re planning to squeeze into your caravan, beds are an important consideration when it comes to maximising space and comfort.

Choose the Right Type

Bunk Beds

Before you jump into choosing a caravan with bunk beds, consider how often they will be used. If you take the family, grandkids or your mates camping regularly, bunks are a great solution. However, if that’s a rare occurrence, maybe you could instead consider investing in some fold-out or blow-up beds to use on those occasions.

Fold-out Beds

Beds that fold out can be handy if you’re space deprived, but they need to be made up every time; you’ll also have to find somewhere to store the linen and covers. It’s probably not a solution for the long-term traveller.

A four berth caravan could offer a convenient alternative, however, if it has a dining table that can be converted into two singles or a double.

Choose the Right Size

Single, Double or Queen?

No-one wants to sleep with their feet hanging out, but if you can settle for a double rather than a king bed you’ll gain more space. While we’re not suggesting you should sleep alone, single beds might be more practical in a small caravan. They’re usually longer than an island bed, since they run along the sides of the caravan instead of along one end. Having one space between for access opens up more room inside the caravan, and single beds more easily accommodate built-in storage, either internal or external.

Choose the Right Mattress

Whatever the shape and make of your caravan bed, the mattress is a crucial component of a good night’s sleep.

  • Foam is the standard. It’s lightweight but needs to be reasonably dense to provide support.
  • Latex is comfy but heavy, so if weight is an issue, choose something lighter.
  • Innerspring is possibly the most likely to provide support. If you hear mention of ‘Bonnell springs’ when buying a mattress, it simply refers to hourglass-shaped coil springs that hold their shape.
  • Caravanners tend to sit on the edge of beds, so make sure your mattress has strong sides and that it’s turned regularly.
  • Moisture can be a problem, both inside and under the mattress; choose a mattress with air vents that allow the air to circulate.

Made to Measure and Makin are Australian firms that will make a caravan mattress to suit your exact requirements and ship it to wherever you are.

The quality and cost of your caravan beds will invariably depend on who sleeps in them and for how long. If yours is causing you problems, it’s good to know there are plenty of alternatives available.

If you’d rather not travel rough, take a look at our guide to luxury caravan features.


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