Caravanning For Grey Nomads: Hints & tips

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The grey nomad’s life seems very inviting; swapping the vacuuming and lawn mowing for days spent exploring this glorious country of ours. Before you head off, here are some things to consider.

Choose your caravan well

Buying a caravan can be daunting. There are endless sizes, layouts and added features, so take a look at our caravan-buying guide. Just make sure the one you choose meets Australian standards and that your vehicle is strong enough to tow it.

For optimum safety and control, invest in the best brakes and breakaway systems. Likewise, electronic stability control will provide the ultimate in safety and peace of mind if you experience a dangerous incident on the road.


Backs, knees, wrists all seem to start creaking and failing us as we age. Are you going to be able to sit for hours driving and then make sure the caravan is level and secure when you arrive at your park for the night? Fortunately, modern technologies have you covered.

Your caravan will come with a standard jockey wheel, however ratchet style power mover jockey wheels or traction roller movers with wireless remote can make life a lot easier when you have to move it around.

A reversing camera system will help reduce the stress of backing the caravan into the right position.

Prepare yourself

Take a driver training course so you understand everything about towing, parking and maintaining your caravan.   However, it’s not just about the van; make sure you get a health check before you leave and have your doctor write prescriptions for medications you’ll need while away.

Harness the power of the internet

Nomads no longer have to rely on the stars for guidance. So long as you have connection to the internet, you’ll know what the weather’s going to be like, where that smoke is coming from, whether there’s a parking spot free in the next town and even the location of the nearest public toilet. You can also keep on top of bill payments and in touch with the family.

Here are five must-have apps and below are some websites you might also find useful:

Bureau of Meteorology: Weather and forecasts.

The National Public Toilet Map: Public toilets around Australia – perfect for mid-drive pit stops.

Grey Nomads Forum: Questions and advice from other grey nomads.

If you’re contemplating life as a grey nomad but have never spent time in a caravan, hire one for a week and go for a drive. You will quickly get a taste of the life and know what things you like, hate and need before committing to your great adventure.

Need a new vehicle for towing your caravan? We’ve found some you can rely on.


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