8 top tips to clean your caravan

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It’s time for some caravan maintenance (link to article: How to do a caravan maintenance check); get ready to give your van a good clean – both inside and out. What’s the best way to do it? We’ve gathered our top tidy tips to deliver you the shiniest caravan on the road.

1: Avoid high-pressure cleaners. High water pressure can be a bit too intense for caravans, allowing water to seep into potentially weak seals and tiny gaps.

2: Use a good quality detergent. The cleaning detergent you use to get the best results on your car will be suitable for your caravan too.

3: Think about height. To reach all the parts of your caravan, you’ll need a sponge or brush on a pole, and perhaps a stepladder (but be careful not to slip when it’s wet) depending on your height and that of your caravan.

4: Wash from the top down. Clean the roof first and work your way down. This means you’re utilising gravity to help get the worst of the dirt off the sections you’re yet to wash, and also prevents washed areas being covered in dirty run-offs.

5: Give the windows special treatment. Grab a glass cleaner and paper towel, and get scrubbing for streak-free windows and mirrors.

6: Avoid chemicals on canvas. If your caravan has a pop-top roof or awning with canvas elements, be careful and avoid using chemicals or soaps on the fabric, as they may wear through the canvas. Simply wash any fabrics with water and a scrubbing brush, and ensure the canvas is completely dry before folding it back up to avoid mould and mildew.

7: Give it a dry. To avoid the appearance of unsightly water spots after you wash, give your caravan a good wipe with a dry towel or chamois for best results.

8: Treat it like your home. Cleaning the inside of your caravan is much like cleaning your home. Vacuum the flooring, dust all surfaces, wipe out the cupboards and freshen up the fridge. If you use the same cleaning products as you use at home, you’ll get a similar result and no doubt be happy with the cleanliness of your second home.

It’s best to keep up the washing of your caravan’s exterior and interior regularly so the dirt doesn’t get out of hand. It could form part of your general caravan maintenance, to keep your van in tip-top shape all over.


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