How To Stay Snug Whilst Caravanning This Winter

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Caravanning need not be a summer-only affair; with a few simple tweaks, you can be out appreciating this amazing country in all its seasonal glories.
Prepare for the weather
Before leaving on your winter caravanning holiday, take time to do some maintenance work and prepare your caravan for the weather.

  • Check to make sure it’s watertight and draught-proof and that the seals are all in good condition.
  • Make sure the tyre tread and pressure are appropriate for driving on wet or icy roads.
  • Put winter-weight curtains on the windows and a ‘draught snake’ at the door.
  • Sleep warm all night with a space blanket under the mattress, a woollen underlay on top and plenty of rugs for cover.
  • If you plan to spend a lot of time in your caravan in winter (and summer), it’s worth investing in insulation for the walls, roof and floor.

Toasty on the inside
Regardless of your choice of caravan heating, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself from any arctic blasts blowing outside.

  • Park where the sun will warm the caravan for most of the day, then draw the curtains just before the temperature drops.
  • Place thick rugs on the floor, especially where you first put your feet when you hop out of bed. Carpet laid over the entire floor area will provide insulation from cold seeping up from the ground, especially if it has underlay.
  • Put the remote for the heater next to the bed so you can turn it on before you get up in the morning.

Snug on the outside
If your caravan awning doesn’t have walls, it’s certainly worth investing in some before you head off into the wintry chills. They will not only give you an extra room that’s sheltered from the cold, but also provide insulation on that side of the caravan and protection from cold breezes every time the caravan door opens.

  • Attach a draught skirt so wind and rain can’t reach from under the caravan.
  • Top up groundsheets with rubber flooring or mats so your feet aren’t on cold ground.
  • Throw a fleecy rug over your camping chair for extra comfort and to ward off the chills.
  • Warm the space using a portable gas heater – you’ll be snug for hours.

Caravan covers offer protection from birds, dirt and all weather, so when you’re not on the road, remember to tuck your caravan up for the winter.
Possibly the best way to spend winter in your caravan is to drive it to warmer northern parts of the country – after all, it is a mobile home. But if you want to experience the alps in winter, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.
Riding your bike is a good way to keep warm on your winter caravanning holiday. Check out our guide to Selecting The Right Bike Racks For Your Caravan.


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