The ultimate hauler buying guide

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Buying a hauler can be confusing. First you have to consider the safety aspects: you’ll always need to check the coupling to ensure it’s compatible with your tow bar. Then you should consult your vehicle manufacturer’s towing guide to ensure the hauler is a suitable weight and weight distribution when fully loaded.

Your next step is to work out a budget. It will help to do some quick searches on new and used haulers that fit your needs, so you know what they go for. The prices between new and used vary greatly, so you’ll know what you can afford fairly quickly.

And, then there’s the important question you need to ask yourself: what do you actually want and need?

Well, what you need is our car hauler buying guide!

Toy hauler

A toy hauler helps you safely take your toys on the road, ready for the great adventures you’ve been yearning. Your first step to buying a toy hauler is to carefully consider what you’re going to use it for. Are you a dirt-bike fiend, a mountain-biking enthusiast, a surfer or a buggy speedster?

Once you’ve figured it out, you can then focus your search on the most appropriate size and fit-out. Many toy haulers also have other functions – such as a camper – but be aware that you’ll be paying extra for such fit-outs.

Cargo hauler

Cargo haulers are a versatile option for those with varying requirements or a lower budget, as they’re simply a box rather than a fit-out with camper facilities. A cargo hauler can be as small as a pod-sized box, suitable for being carried above the ground on your tow bar, or as large as a tall-sided trailer. It depends on your usage requirements. There are many lightweight aluminium cargo haulers on the market, but if your load is heavier, you may need to consider tougher materials.

Car hauler

If you have reason to be carting a second vehicle around, you’ll be in the market for a car hauler trailer. Some are open, others are enclosed, and each has a varied weight rating that you need to be very mindful of when purchasing. Other considerations when buying include double safety chains, compatibility with your towing vehicle, axle ratings and durable materials that aren’t showing signs of rust or weakness.

When choosing a hauler to buy and tow, there are many considerations – but none as important as your safety and that of other drivers, and protection of the gear you’re towing. Choose wisely and don’t take any unnecessary risks.

Image: Brett Goldsmith


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