How To Theft-Proof Your Caravan

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The theft of your caravan or trailer can be much more than an inconvenience. At its worst, it can ruin the holiday of a lifetime, leave you stranded in an inhospitable place and perhaps cost you thousands of dollars in making alternative plans.
However, savvy travellers can now theft-proof their caravans thanks to a little black box from AL-KO called the ATS (Anti Theft System), now available with improved performance in the latest 2nd generation Z-11 model, powered by Black Knight.
One of the world’s smallest, simplest and truly global trackers, AL-KO ATS 2.0 uses sophisticated GPS tracking and microdot technology to detect and warn you of the unauthorised movement of your vehicle and its contents, whether from your driveway or your campsite in the Back of Beyond.
The heart of the
AL-KO ATS 2.0 is its tiny Black Knight GPS/GPRS tracking device that weighs just 37g and can be fitted out of sight inside your van or trailer. Being about the size of a box of matches, it can be tucked away in a hidden place so there’s nothing obvious for a potential thief to disable or damage.
The device is hard-wired into a caravan or camper, and can be immediately activated online for real-time tracking.
Once activated, the device can send you a ‘geofence’ alert if the vehicle is moved outside a set perimeter, as well as security alerts for mains power disconnection and speed limit breaches. With geo-position updates sent every 15 seconds, you get highly accurate real-time tracking, 12 months of playback history and useful data management tools (travel distance, travel hours, stops, locations, etc).
When you’re on the road, you can manage your tracking and alerts via your phone or tablet. Thanks to the free Black Knight app (Android and iOS), you’ll always know where your van or trailer is.
If it’s stolen it can then be located with an accuracy of up to five metres anywhere in the world. Furthermore, if it’s stolen, not recovered, and your insurance paid, each AL-KO ATS 2.0 unit comes with a $500 Black Knight Theft Warranty to help get you back on the road sooner.  The new Black Knight Z-11 model boasts even better tracking performance compared to the previous model, with a new high-performance antenna delivering increased accuracy and playback detail.
The final component of the AL-KO ATS 2.0 is the set of 20 Ghost® Labels – high-security microdot labels from NanoTag Technology, the parent company of Black Knight.
Each pack of labels has a unique six-digit alphanumeric code, which becomes your very own DNA ‘fingerprint’ to help police identify valuable accessories like your generator, portable fridge, Weber barbecue and so on that are rightfully yours.
This unique Ghost® code is automatically registered to each Z-11 system profile when the Black Knight is activated, so no additional registration is required.
Police across the world are aware of NanoTag Technology and can locate marked areas using a simple UV torch. If an item reported stolen is recovered, it is relayed to NanoTag and they will then contact the owner.
Another important feature of the AL-KO ATS 2.0 system is that there is no data usage limits and no requirement for the owner to arrange a separate SIM card with a data plan. In this respect it differs from trackers that require a regular phone-style SIM that can easily be removed, replaced or reassigned. This is a key security feature of Black Knight.
Fleet management tools are available for multiple vehicles, making this ideal for RV rental fleets, for example.
AL-KO ATS 2.0 comes bundled with a minimum of 12 months’ global connectivity for $599 and after this has lapsed your connectivity will be charged out at $12.99 per month. Relative to the cost and angst of having your caravan or camper stolen, it’s a bargain.
As an added bonus CIL Insurance – Australia’s leading specialist caravan & RV insurer – now offers a five per cent discount off the CIL Secure Caravan Insurance Policy* if you have an AL-KO ATS system fitted to your caravan.

Since this articles writing, the ATS Z-11 has been superseded by the 3G compatible ATS Z-3.
The ATS Z-3 no longer includes ghost labels.


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