The Young Nomads Share Their Ultimate Australian Bucket List

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Now that the Young Nomads have returned from their big lap the number one thing people want to know is what they consider to be Australia’s ‘must-see’ places and top things to do.

1. Hike and swim in Karijini National Park, WA

Centred on the Hamersley Range, approximately 1,400km north of Perth, Karijini boasts rugged landscape, stunning gorges, and breathtaking waterfalls including Joffre Falls, Fortescue Falls, Circular Pools and Falls and Fern Pool.
Many of the gorges in the National Park have walking trails varying in length and difficulty.
Our favorites were Weano and Dales Gorge. We suggest staying for at least three nights to take it all in.

2. 4WD the Gibb River Road, WA

The legendary Gibb River Road is a 660 km dirt track through the wild heart of the Kimberley and is one of the Kimberley’s main attractions. Although the roads are not recommended for standard caravans, our time spent 4WDing and tent camping along this old stock route was one of the main highlights of our trip. The sights to see along the Gibb, including majestic boab trees and draw dropping swimming holes, are well worth the journey.

3. Take a “jumping croc” tour, Adelaide River, NT

More than 80,000 saltwater crocodiles roam the waterways of Northern Australia, yet they are rarely ever seen. However, on a one hour trip with registered guides down the Adelaide River you are sure to see these creatures up close and learn crazy facts that will scare you out of swimming in the many signed Northern Territory waterways, such as ‘Crocodiles can hold their breath for up to four hours underwater.’
We found the tour to be a safe and educational way to witness these crocs in their natural habitat and appreciate their existence outside of a Crocodile Dundee film.

4. Snorkel the Ningaloo Reef, WA

Camp in Cape Range National Park for access to some of Australia’s best coral within meter of the beach. With your snorkel and flippers in tow, expect to see turtles, mantra rays, parrot fish, and reef sharks amongst many other tropical fish species.
Our top snorkeling spots included the Oyster Stacks and Turquoise Bay. For $300 per person you can also swim with the majestic Whale Sharks, well worth the splurge in our opinion.

5. Stand at the northernmost point of the Australian Continent, QLD

Unhitch the caravan and prepare yourself with the necessary off-road gear to tackle the Cape York Peninsula and stand at the true tip of Australia. If you’re super keen, tackle the infamous Gun Shot Creek on the Old Telegraph Track or one of the many ‘chicken track’ alternatives. While you’re this far north, why not take a ferry over the Torres Strait to Thursday Island.

6. Fraser Island, QLD

Pack your 4WD, off-road camper and fishing rods and make your way to the world’s largest sand island! Fraser Island is a mecca for landing the catch of the day, but if fishing’s not your thing, simply take the wheel and let the sandy tracks transport you along pristine beaches, through rainforests and thick bushland to remote picnic locations and crystal clear swimming spots.

7. Walk around Uluru

Uluru is perhaps the most recognizable Australian landmark just a further six hours drive from Alice Springs. For us, spending a couple of days exploring Uluru and learning about the Indigenous ancestral beings that are believed to have shaped the landscape was an enlightening experience. By choosing to walk around Uluru instead of climbing, you will be respecting Tjukurpa and Anangu wishes.
The adventures that are to be had around this country are truly endless and this list is just a tiny selection of the places and experiences we could recommend!
Join the conversation and let us know what’s on your Australian bucket list at the Without A Hitch Facebook page.


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