Review: OCAN 4×4 Tow Mirrors

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If you’re in the market for a relatively affordable set of towing mirrors to replace the factory-fitted mirrors on your tow vehicle, the TM2 and TM3 mirrors by OCAM 4×4 Accessories would probably fit the bill.

They are not the only extendable mirrors designed to permanently replace a 4WD’s factory mirrors – Clearview is arguably the market leader – but as we discovered when we tested them, they are an excellent option.



The first thing we noticed was that neither the TM3 or the larger TM2 mirrors appeared like an aftermarket accessory when fitted. They looked almost like they were fitted at the factory.

We tested them behind a 20ft caravan, with the TM3 mirrors fitted to a Ford Ranger and the TM2s fitted to a 200 Series Land Cruiser. Both are available in either a satin black or chrome finish, and come with or without inbuilt indicators, depending on the vehicle they are for.

They offer two mirror sections – a flat mirror on top and a convex mirror to provide a wider angle below. The flat mirror can be adjusted electrically (for most vehicle makes and models) using the vehicle’s existing controls; however, the convex mirror has to be adjusted manually. The mirror housing has to be manually extended on its solid extension slide.

Despite the TM2 and TM3 being larger than a standard mirror, neither impeded side vision to any noticeable degree as we towed the caravan. Both provided excellent rearward vision.

The TM2 provides a 200mm-wide mirror. When fully extended, the mirror housing was rock solid when towing on the highway and on gravel tracks – we experienced no shaking or vibrating.

There was an issue that we noticed with the smaller TM3, which was fitted to the Ranger. From the driver’s seat, the window sill blocked vision of the convex mirror. This, however, may not be an issue when this mirror is fitted to other vehicles. The TM3’s main mirror did provide a large rearward field of view that allowed us to effortlessly see the movements of the following traffic and change lanes with confidence.

A perennial complaint concerning clip-on towing mirrors is that they tend to act as a ‘sail’ that will cause the entire mirror to fold inwards when driving into the wind, or when disturbed by a road train. With the OCAM TM2 and TM3 mirrors being a permanent fixture of the vehicle, and so rigidly mounted, this is unlikely to be an issue.

The OCAM TM2 and TM3 mirrors are supplied as a DIY kit. If you are reasonably handy and confident with some basic tools, you shouldn’t have any difficulty installing them yourself.

Finally, these mirrors appear to be a more affordable and a well-made alternative to some of the other similar mirrors on the market. They performed as expected. If you are considering purchasing the TM3 mirrors, we would recommend first being certain that you’ll be able to see the convex mirror above the window sill from the driver’s seat.

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