Pimp My Tow: Stylish Trailer Accessories

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When pimping your ride isn’t enough, the next frontier of self-expression is your trailer. While it’s true that there are fewer options when compared to cars, it’s also true that you’re only limited by your imagination (and perhaps physics and the law). Here are some areas where you can improve your tow with trailer accessories.

  • Custom paint job

It’s not quite an accessory, but it’s a simple and effective way to pimp that tow. Bonus points for matching your trailer duco to your tow vehicle – the paint shop guys will love you.

  • Wheels

Just as important, and easier, than a paint job – upgrade your wheels. Most trailers use a popular wheel stud pattern (Holden, Ford or Toyota). If you’re lucky it’ll match that of your tow vehicle so your spares are transferable.

  • Tie-down systems

There are myriad tie-down systems available for towing. It comes down to how much you have to spend and what you want to haul. Some nice touches for trailer accessories are zinc lashing rings, recessed into the trailer deck. They’re great for applying direct downward force to heavy items such as a fridge or even small vehicles. Bonus points for chrome and colour coordinating your tie-down straps.

  • Toolbox

Having a toolbox retrofitted to your trailer shows you mean business. The obvious choice is to have it made from galvanised steel (chromed, naturally), or if you have a bit more to spend, aluminium checker plate. The box can be mounted to the draw bar (though watch your ball weight if you’re carrying tools), on the deck (though that reduces capacity) or on the sides in front of the wheel arch. Also watch draw bar strength – refer to ADR 62 of the Australian Design Rules.

  • Deck upgrade

Now we’re getting serious – upgrade the floor of your trailer. If it’s a true show pony, finish it with timber. Up the ante with some chromed skid strips. If you still need it functional, opt for (you guessed it) checker plate. Throw in some colour coordinated nylon skid strips to boot.

Here are some other ideas:

  • LED lighting

Replace the old stuff with compact and bright new lamps that will last forever.

  • Jockey wheel

If your trailer didn’t come standard with a decent jockey wheel, you need to upgrade it.

  • Couplings

Your towing peers can take you seriously when you see to that dusty old coupling, even if it’s just for that rugged look.

  • Fender guards and wear plates

You guessed it – you can’t have enough checker plate and chrome.

There’s a good line between bringing your trailer up to the level of your car and turning it into a pure show pony, but with some careful thought and dedication, you can pimp that tow and haul with style.

Find out how to pimp your tow to the max with AL-KO aftermarket trailer accessories.


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