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How To Photograph Your RV Like A Pro

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There is no better feeling than loading up your RV, hitting the open road and relaxing in the great outdoors. However, when you’re constantly on the move it’s easy to forget all the places you and your caravan, camper or motorhome have travelled to along the way. There’s no better way to remember your experiences on the road than to look at photographs. Here’s some simple advice on how to take better pictures of your pride and joy.

Consider the landscape

Pay attention to the background and foreground, for example, if there are mountains in your background try and position yourself so that the mountains are visible and above the RV. Often you will need to step back from the RV in order to see the view. The foreground is also important, keep an eye out for interesting details and position yourself to include these details in the photo. For example, there may be a tree nearby that is flowering. Move around the van to include as much detail in the foreground as possible.


The best time to photograph your RV is the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. At this time of day, the light is soft, meaning that there are no harsh shadows being cast. Photograph the side of the RV that has the sun shining on it and avoid shooting directly into the sun. This will usually turn your RV into a silhouette. If you take photos during the rest of the day, keep an eye out for shadows and move around the RV and photograph the side that is best lit by the sun.

Interior shots

When photographing inside your RV it’s important to open all the blinds and skylights to let as much natural light into the RV as possible. This will ensure your images are focused and sharp. Avoid having artificial coloured lights on as they often confuse the camera and cause the photos to have a slightly yellow hue to them.

Taking these simple steps will improve your photography and help you capture more of the serenity that is experienced when travelling around Australia in an RV.


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