Let’s Party! Entertaining From A Caravan

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When you’re living out of a caravan, socialising can become expensive if you have to go out to do it.
We look at some small-party ideas to help you throw a successful caravan party in the tiniest space.
First up, tidy and clear away everything you can, because you’ll want as much space as possible to entertain your guests. Turn bunk beds into seating, create room to move and remember you’re inviting people into your personal space, so close off the bedroom if possible.
If you’re entertaining more than half a dozen people, set up your main entertaining area in the caravan annexe or even in a separate annexe.

  • Place the seating, tables, drink station and barbecue strategically so your guests can move around easily and mingle.
  • Add a special touch with fresh flowers, candles, cushions or matching table covers.
  • Make sure there’s plenty of seating; if you’re short a few chairs, ask people to bring their own.
  • Create a playlist and set up your sound system for outdoors.
  • Position food and drinks to be easily accessible.

Nothing says ‘party’ quite like lights and music. Your neighbours might object to loud music, but you can go crazy with the lights. Good lighting will also make it safer for your guests to move about, so string lights up everywhere, inside and out.

  • Drape LED strings around the annexe and inside the caravan to soften existing lighting and create the mood.
  • Solar rope lights are water resistant and easy to string up anywhere – trees, the awning or along the floor.
  • Attach LEDs to guy ropes, poles and any other items that jut out and tipsy partygoers might not notice in the dark.

Keep the food simple and easy; ideally prepare beforehand if you can. Knife and fork food requires that people have somewhere to put their plates, so unless you’re holding a dinner party, go for finger food and nibbles.

  • Visit local markets and buy up fresh fruit, cheeses and other farm-gate produce.
  • Try Mexican wraps and tacos for an easy-to-prepare and very filling meal.
  • Get creative with a variety of meats and vegetables on skewers.

Most importantly, relax and have fun with your guests. Everyone’s on holidays and they all understand what it’s like to be living in a confined space, so you don’t have to be the World’s Greatest Entertainer. If you’re enjoying yourself, everyone else will too. Remember if there are other campers around, keep the noise down after a certain time and respect their need for peace and quiet.
Want to know more about your options for outdoor LED lighting? We explore some innovations that are available in both portable units and fixed fittings.


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