The Latest In Trailer Security & Safety Features

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From preventing theft to protecting your cargo, today’s trailers come with standard security aspects through to custom safety features. To help you through the vast marketplace, here’s an overview of the latest in secure trailers.

Anti-theft hitch pins

As hitch receivers can be removed from your tow bar, it is possible to purchase a lockable hitch pin. This pin goes through the hole on the tow bar and a lock fits on one end of the pin shaft. As a bonus, the key entry point usually comes with a plastic cover to keep out dust and moisture.

Removable racks

Custom-built trailers and some off-road trailers come with removable racks to secure your load. This ensures that what you’re carrying is stored properly and won’t move around in the back, potentially damaging the trailer while on the road, plus it’s secure in the event of a road accident.

Tow ball locking device

Tow ball locks come in various forms and are ideal to secure trailers. These products lock the tow ball coupling, either while on the tow vehicle or unhitched, preventing the trailer from being attached to another vehicle and driven away. They’re inexpensive, and quick and easy to use. Make sure you ask about these when buying a trailer.

Universal coupling lock

Universal coupling locks are another option that can be used, as they can be used for trailers as well as caravans and camper trailers. They’re easy to use and provide a secure coupling that suits almost all braked and unbraked couplings available. Some are made from cast aluminium and require no extra padlocks, as the locking mechanism is built into the device, making it so simple to use for first-timers.


These days GPS technology is everywhere, from your car to your smartphone. Using a convenient app, state-of-the-art tracking systems are designed for caravans, trailers and motorhomes.

AL-KO has collaborated with Black Knight Global Tracking Systems to provide a purpose-built anti-theft system. AL-KO Anti-Theft System GPS Tracker includes 12-month connectivity anywhere in the world through 3G networks allowing you to monitor the device from the free application or your PC. The application also features the facility to set an alarm that alerts when the van is moved beyond its defined ‘geofence’ and precision tracking to five metres accuracy. With this system, there are no data limits or text messaging charges and no need for a separate SIM card. After the 12 months of free connectivity has expired, there is a low monthly subscription fee only.

Wheel clamps

Wheel clamps ensure the wheel of your trailer is secure and can’t be moved by would-be thieves. They also act as a visual deterrent. Most clamps are lightweight, fold up for easy storage and are simple to fit. Some models take longer to fit than others because they come with “arms” to secure them, so be sure to check out the range first, or ask a professional which model would work best for you.

Make sure you think safety first when you’re in the market for new, secure trailers. That way, you can pick out the best security features that work for you and so you can see what’s on offer.

Before you hit the road, get to know your trailer’s towing parts or if you’re looking to jazz up your trailer after purchase, there are some stylish options.


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