Cooking up a Storm: The Best Cooking Accessories for Your Boat

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Just because you’re on a boat doesn’t mean you need to skimp on your trailer boat kitchen accessories. There’s a world of kitchen accessories that will have you donning the chef’s hat and vying for a Michelin star while you’re out on the water.

A Marine Barbecue

The Galleymate series marine barbecue is a good example of a great Australian barbecue built for the water. It’s just as adept at simmering veggies or baking cakes as it is at grilling a steak.

It’s built completely from polished stainless steel and comes in two-, four- and six-burner configurations. It comes with three mounting options: outboard rail, rod holder and flush deck mounts, meaning it’ll sit on almost any recreational boat. You can even accessorise it with items such as a side gas ring, LPG or propane gas fittings, different plate configurations and a utensil tray.

Energy Efficient Pot

The Silverfire Dragon Pot is a stainless steel, fully skirted pot with a 6.5L capacity. The Dragon Pot traps heat beneath its skirting and channels it up the walls, increasing the amount of energy transferred into the pot. As such, it’ll boil 5L of water in 5 minutes. Best of all the Dragon Pot can be used on a gas stove or a wood fire meaning it’s just as handy in the bush as it is on the boat.

Pre-prep and Food Storage

In addition to having a good knife, another way of cutting down on the food prep while out on the water is by doing as much as possible before you get there. Though plastic storage has been available for decades, many cheaper brands still don’t do a very good job of sealing in liquids. This is especially important when you’re carrying foodstuffs such as meat. A kit like the Engel Tourer features completely airtight and stackable containers and they’ll fit snugly in Engel’s own range of portable fridges.

Squeeze Bottles

Plastic squeeze bottles are useful for much more than mere tomato sauce. Essentially, any cooking liquid – including oils, vinegars, syrups, soy sauce, honey, balsamic glaze and homemade dressings – can be transferred to a squeeze bottle. This helps control how much liquid is used and is perfect for reducing mess – that’s why commercial kitchens use them.

Divided Plates

Divided plates aren’t just for kids. When the water’s even a little rocky, a divided plate will help stop snags, corn and anything else that rolls from hitting the deck. If plastic isn’t your thing, stainless steel divided plates are inexpensive, relatively light and extremely tough.

It’s the subtle touches that make the difference between a regular cook and a master chef. With these boat kitchen accessories in your marine kitchen, you’ll have them queuing from stern to bow.

If you’re planning a big day out, make sure you stay safe and legal while out on the water.


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