Selling Your Caravan? How To Get Top Price

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Knowing how to sell a caravan and get the best price for it can be a challenge. Let’s look at what’s involved.

Should you sell it yourself?

If you have the time, selling your caravan privately will usually ensure you get the highest price. You will need to be prepared to answer enquiries whenever they come in, have people come to inspect the caravan and (possibly) accept rejection. Having a dealer handle the sale is certainly more convenient, but the convenience can be costly.


If you want to get top price your caravan needs to be in top condition. Clean it inside and out, then run a thorough check to make sure everything’s working.

If you’re selling a well-used caravan and not expecting a big return, clean it up and sell it ‘as is’. Remember to be up-front in your ad, so buyers know what they’re getting for the price.


Where will you advertise? Some forums will let you post ads free of charge, or you could try Gumtree, Caravancampingsales or Trading Post. If you use social media, promote it there. Just post a question (for example, “Know anyone who wants to buy…?”) with a link to the online advertisement.

Writing your ad

  1. Give the make, year, model, price and location.
  2. Be realistic with pricing. Check out ads for similar caravans and ask just below the going price. If you’re prepared to negotiate, say so.
  3. Take photos outside and in, making sure the lighting is right and that the interior looks clean, neat and comfy.
  4. List the best features. Have you made modifications? Does it have solar panels or off-road accessories? Mention a warranty if there is one, as well as things like non-smoking or pet-free (where applicable).
  5. Make it easy to read, using commas and full stops. Bulleted lists are even better.

Closing the sale

Be ready to answer enquiries with specific details such as the model, year, registration date, accessories or modifications. If someone’s interested in looking further, ask for their details before giving yours, as protection against scammers.

Before buyers arrive to inspect it, open and air the caravan. Then stay back and give them space to inspect it just as you would when buying.

Legal matters

As the vendor, the law requires that you deliver what you have advertised. If you say the caravan is roadworthy then it must be. For more information, see the industry Guide to Australian Consumer Law.

To protect yourself, take down the details of prospective buyers and don’t hand over the keys without receiving payment in full.

Want to know what buyers are looking for in a second-hand caravan?


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