How To Repurpose Your Caravan

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When your caravan has reached the end of its life, how do you dispose of it besides sending it to the wreckers or putting it up for sale? Here are some different ways to responsibly repurpose your caravan.
Caravan disposal doesn’t have to mean towing it to the nearest tip. It might be unroadworthy, but that’s no reason it can’t be used for another purpose.

  • Give it to friends who have room to store it, to use as spare accommodation.
  • Park it on the riverbank or by the creek on property belonging to a friend or relatives – that way you and their friends/family can use it as a holiday house whenever you visit.
  • Offer it to a charity or volunteer group to use in their work. They might be able to turn it into a mobile or static food van, a laundry or even a shower/washroom for the homeless. Be prepared to also offer your services to move it around if they don’t have access to vehicles that can tow a caravan.
  • Advertise it as a free giveaway on a swap site, such as Freecycle or even Gumtree. Make sure you give a precise indication of its condition, so potential new owners know exactly what they’re getting and you don’t waste your time or theirs.
  • Rent or offer it to people who are renovating their home and need temporary on-site accommodation.
  • Remove the wheels and turn it into the ultimate kids’ cubbyhouse, study or teenage den.

Your old caravan might not be good enough for you any more, but it could well be someone else’s dream-come-true as their first mobile home, site office, storage or garden shed.

  • If it’s in reasonable condition, advertise it for caravan sale.
  • If it needs a lot of work, offer it at a nominal price. Someone who picks it up for next to nothing can then afford to rebuild it.

If none of the other avenues work for you and your old caravan is still sitting in the yard, it might be time to take to it with a spanner. Depending on the age and condition of the parts, you could be sitting on a small goldmine.
Sold separately online, components such as the axle, brakes, A-frame, hitch and wheels could prove invaluable to someone building a trailer, while internal fittings, windows and doors would be of interest to someone rebuilding or upgrading their caravan.
If you’re not up to stripping and reselling the parts yourself, find a salvage firm who will do it for you. Whatever caravan disposal method you decide on, do it soon. The longer you leave the caravan sitting somewhere getting mouldy and rundown, the fewer options you will have.
How will you know when it’s time to upgrade your caravan? Here are some sure signs.


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