A guide to caravan hire

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Holiday-makers who are taking a road trip but don’t want the extra expense of purchasing their own caravan can rent one for a fraction of the cost. Today, caravan hire is a popular option for both families and couples.

Consider your needs

To make caravan rental easy, write up a list and determine what you’re looking for. If you’re unsure where to start, check out this range of caravans. Then, ask yourself, do you need a standard caravan for extra storage space? Or will its smaller cousin, a pop-top, suffice? Consider a recreational vehicle (RV) if you’d rather have a comfy environment for a large family. Which features are must-haves? Some travelers won’t leave home without a TV and air-conditioning in their van. For a family, you may need a kitchen to prepare meals. Also, you’ll need to think about towing and fuel costs for each model.

Privately rent

Once you’ve complied your list of what you van must have to ensure happy campers, it’s time to find your van. Many websites, including Private Caravan Hire and Hire My Caravan, act as facilitators for the hiring transaction. These websites give you the opportunity to rent a caravan directly from the person who owns it. You simply specify your needs, budget and what type of van you’re after and hit search. It also allows you to experience a caravan before you consider buying one, plus it’s free to search. You can elect to hire a van short-term or long-term for greater flexibility. Once you’ve found what you want, you’ll be required to sign a hire agreement. In most cases, the owner of the van usually provides insurance, but each site varies with their terms and conditions, so it pays to check.

Rental company

The benefit of hiring from a large caravan rental company that has branches Australia-wide is that you have a bigger fleet to choose from. Also, if you’re considering a one-way trip, you can pick up the van from one location and drop it off at another. Some businesses also offer discounts or deals on long-term rentals. Apollo Motorhome Holidays have both caravans and RVs for hire, as well as cheaper alternatives for those looking to manage a tight family budget. Make sure you list all drivers to comply with the rental company’s insurance agreement, and if you’re heading off-road, you need to disclose this as restrictions may apply.

The options are wide and varied when you’re looking to rent a caravan for a long trip or a weekend, so make sure you research what you need first and decide which option will work for you.


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