Getting To Know Your Caravan

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There’s plenty to consider when buying a caravan.

How many people will be travelling with you and how often?

The comfortable capacities of your towing vehicle – NOT the maximum! Overall size and weight, wheel clearance, height, chassis and suspension are perhaps even more important than their human amenities.

Reducing the load will cause less stress on all of the equipment and yourselves and also improves safety. Seasoned travellers often consider that everything you take camping should have multiple purposes for efficiency. Caravan capacities offer a little leniency for added creature comforts and toys but it’s a theory that’s well worth considering when packing for a big trip.

You will also need to do a little soul searching as to your intended destinations. Will you truly take your caravan off-road, or perhaps on a big lap? Do you realise that many of Australia’s great campsites are at the end of long corrugated roads? So consider your intended use before you buy – a highway tourer is completely different to a dedicated off-road configuration where the added necessities of water, food storage and power supply also become major priorities.

Once you own it, then get used to it with small excursions before the grand sojourn. Getting to know your caravan makes a huge difference to your enjoyment, comfort, capabilities and safety.

Craig Greenaway from AL-KO explains to Borgy how important this knowledge is and points out exactly what is good info to know.



John Willis

We call him Bear, and no it’s not just because he’s so cute and cuddly. Bear was the sort of kid that had a model fishing boat in the bath and a Jeep in the sandpit dreaming of great adventures both at sea and on land. He has been lucky enough to follow those dreams and now shares his stories of success and failure, what works and what doesn’t, how to and how not to, and of course where to go in our great country. Bears philosophy is about the joy we get from the journey – not just the destination.

Whilst originally trained as a boat builder Bear’s life has led down many paths but always drawing back on those primary skills. He has experience in irrigation, agriculture, engineering, landscaping and even once owned a playground equipment manufacturing company along with many years in wholesale and retail boat sales and fishing charters before turning his hand to outdoor media. Bear is a skilled writer and photographer, hosted successful radio shows, and nowadays spends a good deal of time in front of the camera creating reviews and features for print, on-line, TV and custom media.


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