7 Fishing Accesories Costing Less Than $100 That Every Boat Based Fisherman Should Own

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True fishing enthusiasts know that having the right tools for the job allows you to spend more time focusing on the fish. We’ve put together a list of seven fishing accessories that every boat owner should have aboard. What’s more, you can find all this great fishing gear online.

WFT Gliss Monotex Hybrid Fishing Line – from AUD$24.95

Japanese raw materials combined with German precision have led to the recent release of this new generation fishing line. The Monotex Hybrid Fishing Line is extremely flexible, has low stretch and high abrasion resistance. The impressive strength to diameter line ratio means the casting performance is better than both mono and braid lines.

Ugly Stik Gold Baitcast Rod – AUD$75

Many rod blanks end at the handle, but the Ugly Stik’s blank-through-handle construction means the rod passes through the handle to give it more ‘backbone’ and greater sensitivity. It comes complete with Fuji guides and components, and the features a UV-resistant epoxy finish. The Ugly Stik Gold is 1.8m long, with 3 to 5kg line weight.

LED Lenser H7.2 LED Head Lamp – AUD$84.50

LED Lenser has a reputation for high-performance, hard-wearing LED torches and lamps. The water-resistant H7.2 features a bright 250-lumen lamp with a beam range of 160m, 140m and 50m and battery life of seven hours, 12 hours and 60 hours, respectively. Stageless dimming, a swivelling bezel and a light weight of 165g make the H7.2 ideal for night-time casting.

Rogue Pistol Lip Grip – AUD$29.99

Forget your typical straight-shaft gripper – Rogue gets the ergonomics right with its pistol-grip design and convenient single-finger trigger. Its swivel jaws help prevent injuries to your fish. The grip features stainless-steel components and a comfy rubber handle. Best of all, if you forget to use the included lanyard, it’ll float on water.

Mustad KVD Chef-Grade Rainbow-Titanium-Coated Fillet Knife – AUD$27.50

With its German stainless steel and attractive rainbow titanium coating, Mustad’s Kevin VanDam (KVD) fillet knife is a must-have. The combination of the flexible blade and the soft rubber grip mean you’re unlikely to slip when things get messy. The knife is available in six- or seven-inch sizes.

Black Magic HD Split-Ring Pliers – AUD$79.95

If you’re already sporting the best rod, reel and lure, you don’t want to skimp on the rest of your accessories. Black Magic’s heavy-duty ring pliers feature stainless-steel jaws, hardened tungsten steel cutters for braid and mono line, and anodised aluminium handles. They’ll open any split ring and will last you a lifetime.

Hookem 620 X 550mm Knotless Mesh Landing Net – AUD$89.10

Unlike traditional nets, the knotless mesh on Hookem’s landing net won’t damage a fish’s protective slime and won’t lead to split fins. Also, hooks and lines are much less likely to tangle in it. The frame features marine-grade stainless-steel tubing, and the handle is anodised aluminium.

Once you’ve caught your dinner, you’ll need these great accessories to prepare it.


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