Come Rain or Shine: Ideas for a Perfect Easter Caravan Holiday

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The Easter break in Australia is renowned for its unpredictable weather and, as it falls on the last weekend of March this year, it could be extremely hot or drop us right into the middle of winter overnight. You’ll need to be prepared for anything, so we’ve found some top Easter activities for your caravan holidays.

Indoor Activities

Keeping the kids dry and occupied when confined to a caravan for more than a day is challenging, but with some preparation beforehand you should be able to keep them amused:

  • Pack some cooking chocolate and moulds for making your own chocolates. All you need is a bowl and saucepan for heating the chocolate, then space in the fridge to leave them while they set.
  • Easter egg decorating is a fun activity for all ages. Boil the eggs, then while they’re cooling gather whatever you need to decorate them, such as glue, paper, tinsel, sparkles, felt pens.
  • Sew some egg warmers. Make sure you pack felt, needles, thread, buttons, sequins and wools; if the kids are old enough they can sew their own, otherwise do it for them or use glue.
  • Make an Easter egg nature collage. Give each child a container and send them outside to scavenge for leaves, flowers, feathers, shells, bark – anything they can find. Meanwhile, draw the outline of an egg on a sheet of paper or cardboard for each to ‘decorate’ with their treasures.
  • Easter egg hunt, naturally – there’s little chance you can avoid this one. You probably won’t want to ‘hide’ the Easter eggs outside the caravan or annexe in case marauding neighbours or wildlife find them first. For older children, you could plan a treasure hunt that involves solving the clues one at a time, as a family. Taking turns to go fetch the next clue as you work each one out will decrease the chaos levels considerably, to the point where you should even be able to do it inside if the weather’s bad.

Take advantage of the camping-ground facilities. Rather than staying cooped up in the caravan, look for constructive things to do in the rec room or other covered areas. You’re likely to find that if you set up board games or other activities, you’ll soon have company to help pass the time.

Get Outdoors

It’s almost autumn, so make the most of the cooler days by exploring the countryside on your Easter break:

  • Bushwalking. Choose your holiday destination this year for its accessibility to the bush and then go exploring each day. Some of Australia’s best-known trails are Tasmania’s Overland Track and the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory, but after all the rain over summer you’re likely to find creeks, waterfalls and wildflowers in the most surprising places.
  • Go on a wildlife watch. Camp near bushland, national parks or a wildlife sanctuary and search out some native variations on the traditional Easter bunny or chicken theme – look for emus, owls, brush turkeys, quolls, bilbies or bandicoots.
  • Explore by the light of the moon. Easter always falls around a full moon; what better time to enjoy this world from a different perspective? Try night diving in Jervis Bay Marine Park, off Rottnest Island or the Great Barrier Reef, dine by moonlight in the outback or catch a firefly display in a rainforest.

For the Thrill Seekers

Looking for some organised thrills-and-spills events this year? You could always park your caravan or tent along the banks of the Murray River and take in the Australian Billy Cart Championships, held each year in Corowa over the Easter weekend.

Alternatively, head to Silverton in outback NSW for the ARB Eldee Family Easter Event, a 4WD drive competition offering the opportunity to test your skills and knowledge where there is little risk of damaging your vehicle. Most of the challenges are timed and based on competency rather than speed.

Wherever you go for your Easter break this year, remember it’s one of the busiest times on our roads, so take care and use our checklist to make sure your tow vehicle or caravan are in top condition before leaving home.

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