8 Things To Remember To Make Your Caravan Beach Holiday A Success

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At Without a Hitch, we’ve covered what you need when you’re heading off on all sorts of caravan holidays, including the Big Lap, glamping and off-road adventures. This time we look at the sun lover’s beach holiday and some of the things to consider when packing your caravan.

First-aid kit

This is a no-brainer — you shouldn’t be leaving without a decent first-aid kit. A St. John Ambulance off-road first-aid kit will cover all basic first-aid needs, though you may want to throw in a tube of Stingoes and an extra pack of saline solution just to be sure. It’s also advisable that someone on the trip has their First-Aid certificate.

Sunscreen and insect repellant

Another no-brainer, but they’re easy to forget. You’ll be paying premium prices if you end up buying them at caravan parks and general stores. If you’re out on the road and/or you’ve got a big hoard, a large tub of sunscreen is economical and will make life easier. Also remember that sunscreen has a use by date so make sure yours is fresh before each trip.


If you haven’t already invested in one, an awning is an essential extension to your caravan. Not only does it provide a refuge from the sun and from a hot caravan, but it’s effectively your living room during the warmer months.

Beach gear

These are the basics for a great day on the water:

  • Inflatable toys; hours of fun for the whole family and something for the young ones to hang onto
  • Beach tent and beach chairs
  • Fishing rods
  • Small esky or a six-pack of bottled water

Extra towels

You don’t have much scope for drying any gear while you’re on the move, so extra towels are a necessity. Having extras on board means you can rotate wet and dry towels as needed, considering they’ll often be used for showers and at the beach. This is particularly important when you’ve got kids.

Rainy-day entertainment

For those tropical afternoon downpours and long summer nights, you’ll need something to keep the crew entertained. Opinions swing either way on things like iPads and smartphones, but e-books, books, board games and cards are a must. If you’ve got the caravan towing capacity, it’s also worth bringing a couple of bikes along – you can even buy bike racks for your caravan to make transporting them easy.

The dog

Given the cost of kennels, it is likely to be cheaper to bring the dog if you can’t find someone to babysit for you and your dog wants nothing more than to stay with the pack. There are a host of websites that specifically cater to caravanners with pets travelling the country, including Holidaying with Dogs, Pet Places and RACV.

If your pet’s not part of the equation and no one can look after them for you, be sure to book them into a kennel well in advance of your journey. Kennels tend to be booked out during peak holiday times.

This mixture of basics and luxuries will ensure your beach holiday will be a breeze.

Think you’ve packed it all? Check our top 10 useful caravan accessories just to be sure.


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