Avoiding long goodbyes: The ins and outs of caravan storage

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There’s no place like home

There’s a good chance your caravan is your pride and joy, and home is the only place to store it – assuming you have the space. The ideal storage for your caravan is a large garage to protect your caravan from the elements and away from trouble.

Even at home you need to be security conscious. A coupling lock, wheel lock or padlock and chain should be employed as theft deterrents.

On-street parking

Street parking is not a long-term caravan storage solution. It is a mixed bag as there is no clear-cut system for parking caravans on Australian streets. Parking is generally the domain of local councils, so rules vary. As a guide, in built-up areas your caravan is going to be treated as a part of your vehicle when it is coupled, and as a separate vehicle when uncoupled, such as in the City of Melbourne municipality. However, in areas where caravans have proven to be a nuisance, such as in Byron Shire in NSW, the council has actively restricted caravan parking at night.

Even though it’s not illegal to temporarily park a caravan in front a neighbour’s house, it should be avoided. If there’s no other option, speak to your neighbours about it.

Security is also important. Even with security measures employed, your caravan is at its most vulnerable when parked on the street.

Short Term Caravan Storage

There are two options for short-term caravan storage: storage facility or caravan park.

  • Self-storage: Self-storage facilities are ideal for storing caravans. As a general rule, they are secure, clean and well maintained. Furthermore, many self-storage facilities offer 24-hour access, allowing you to come and go as you please. The downside is that you’re generally locked into a monthly fee arrangement. Therefore if you only need five weeks of storage, it’s likely you’ll pay for two months.
  • Caravan parks: For reasonably short-term storage, in the vicinity of days or even weeks, a caravan park is a good option. Some parks will keep your caravan in their storage facility, then have it set up for you to stay in upon your return. This is a great option if you intend to go trekking where your caravan cannot go. Even though storage will be charged at a reduced fee, this storage option is relatively expensive.

Long Term Caravan Storage

The only viable long-term caravan storage is at a self-storage facility. The bonus here is that you can negotiate a lower rate over an extended amount of time. Some self-storage facilities will allow you 24-hour access to your caravan, though the lower rate might mean you have limited access or it could be put in general storage with similar vehicles.

Owning a caravan is a labour of love, and a dedicated owner will go to great lengths to store their pride and joy. At some point in your reckoning, you have to weigh the value of storing your caravan long term against how often you plan to use it.

If you’re storing your caravan, take a look at our guide to securing your caravan against theft.


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