Caravan gas regulations

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Gas provides us with many features, namely hot water and the ability to cook, but with this benefit comes responsibility. To ensure all of your gas appliances work correctly and comply with caravan gas regulations we’ve compiled this guide of procedures.

First things

Dispose of your gas cylinder after 10 years – otherwise have it restamped and certified by an authorised company to ensure it’s in safe condition. If you are holidaying by the beach, or exposed to any other salty conditions, cover your cylinder to avoid rust build up. Always make sure you close the valve when storing your gas cylinder and keep it closed when the vehicle is in motion.

Additionally, follow all of these procedures:

  1. Close all appliance valves before opening cylinder valve.
  2. Check connection at the appliances, regulators, and cylinders periodically for leaks with soapy water or its equivalent. Do this at least annually.
  3. Never ever use a match or flame when checking for leaks.
  4. Close cylinder valve when appliances are not being used.
  5. In the event of an accidental gas leak, close cylinder valve and ventilate the recreational vehicle (RV) until the air is clear.
  6. Never use cooking appliances to create heat for comfort.
  7. In the event of fire, immediately close cylinder valve and evacuate.
  8. Close valve and fit sealing plug to all spare cylinders that are not connected, whether full or empty.
  9. All additions or alterations to the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) system must be performed by an authorised person. Be sure to consult your LPG supplier.
  10. Do not alter appliances without authorisation of the manufacturer.
  11. Make sure that all caravan users are familiar with the odour of unburnt LPG to assist in the detection of leaks.
  12. Ensure all permanent ventilators, flues and vents are clear.
  13. Stop dirt from entering the gas lines by covering with tape.

Remember, when it comes to staying in the safe zone with gas, keep your senses (eyes and nose) attuned to the dangers and always reach out to the professionals if unsure.

Read up on some of the important caravan gas regulations and check out our pre-travel safety checklist.


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