Car trailer types and their uses

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You’re in the market for a new trailer, or perhaps you want to replace your existing trailer, but you want to make sure your purchase is up to the task at hand. We’ve listed the most common trailer uses and the car trailer types that match.

You’re carting household and garden rubbish

Off to the tip? Using a trailer to move your household and garden rubbish is the easiest way to load and transport those large items – and saves your car being trashed, so to speak. Have a think about the types of garbage you’re moving: do you need sides on the trailer to keep things in, like a cage or box trailer? Or maybe a table-top trailer will be easier for unloading your rubbish.

You want to carry lifestyle equipment

Whether it’s a dirt bike, second car or recreational vehicle (RV) you want to tow along, there are a couple of car trailer types to suit. Your best options are either a cargo trailer or a hauler, so check out our hauler buying guide. [link to article: Hauler buying guide]

You need to move furniture

Maybe you’re moving house or helping others move, or perhaps you’re a keen market and auction shopper. Either way, your biggest priorities when carrying furniture are to keep it secure and have it arrive in the same condition in which it left. The safest way to carry furniture is using a cage trailer or box trailer with high sides to reduce the risk of things falling out, and to prevent damage caused by stones and dirt flung onto the furniture.

You’re a tradie

If you’re carrying work equipment like garden maintenance gear, building supplies or tools, you’ll need either a multi-purpose box trailer or table-top trailer, or a customised trailer that fits exactly what you need.

You need to move livestock

Grab a horse float for moving small numbers of animals. It’s the safest way to keep your stock separated and secure during long and short trips.

You’re buying a boat

Well, of course you need a boat trailer, but not all boat trailers are made equal. There are two main types: bunk trailers and roller trailers. You’ll need to do your homework to ensure you’re getting the right one. Then you should have some practice driving, as reversing a boat trailer can be a challenge.

Whether you’re in the market for a new or used trailer, you should now be able to decide which type will suit your requirements.

Now that you’re ready to head out and choose your purchase, check out our trailer buying guide.


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