Five essential tips for buying a trailer for your jet ski

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Do you need a trailer for your jet ski, but you’ve figured that not just any trailer will do? You’re right – there are a few tricks involved in safely transporting a jet ski. Here’s a rundown of how to choose the right jet ski trailer.

How many jet skis are you towing?

If you are just starting out and only need to tow a single jet ski, you may be fine using a basic trailer with a payload capacity of around 350-500 kilograms. There are also trailers that can hold two or more jet skis, if you have friends or family who also like to ride the waves. To aid with stability, they usually have two cargo rails in a parallel configuration, which places the jet skis alongside one another.

If you are carrying multiple jet skis it may also be worth investing in a tandem (or double) axle trailer. They provide better stability than single axle models and protect the jet ski from excess vibration whilst towing on unpaved roads.

Are you taking a boat with you?

If you want to take both a boat and a jet ski with a single towing vehicle, there are trailers that can do both. They typically position the boat at the front of the trailer, with the jet skis sitting behind it. Always check that your towing vehicle has enough power to handle the combined weight of the trailer, boat, and jet ski (or skis).

Enclosed jet ski trailers

If you are towing two or more jet skis and are prepared to spend a little more, you can opt for a fully enclosed trailer. It protects the jet skis from theft and damage, and can be useful for keeping tools, life jackets and other accessories in one place. You can also get a trailer with removable jet ski mounts if you are planning to use it for other tasks during the off season.

Other considerations

Some jet ski trailers also come with a winch that permits safe and easy loading of the jet ski. A heavy-duty jack stand can help keep the trailer level when it’s unhitched. The trailer may also be advertised as submersible, but first check that it’s constructed of a corrosion-resistant material such as hot-dipped galvanised steel.

Is your trailer new or used?

Buying a used jet ski trailer can potentially save you hundreds of dollars. Looking at specifications of new models and then searching for a used version can be a great way to save money. However, make sure you check it thoroughly before buying and replace the tyres immediately if they look worn.

A little research and background information on the tow vehicle and the trailer can help simplify the buying process. Get an expert’s opinion and try to find time to look at more than one option before you reach for your wallet.

Also check out our tips on how to tow a trailer safely and some of the biggest dos and don’ts of towing.


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