Boat trailer spares: Parts you’ll need to keep your trailer on the road

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Owning a boat means always being prepared for the unexpected. You’ve essentially got three vehicles for which you need to prioritise and pack spare parts, tools and consumables: the tow vehicle, boat and boat trailer. We look at the boat trailer spares you will need to keep your boat trailer on the road.

Note that these spares and tools are in addition to your safety equipment.

  • Tools: On top of tools required to keep your boat in shape, you’ll need to ensure that your toolkit can cover the maintenance and repair of your boat trailer – especially if you plan to be away from home for a while. A good set of sockets, spanners, screwdrivers and pliers should be the minimum.
  • Spare wheel: A wheel is one of the most important boat trailer spares, and if you’re lucky (or you chose your trailer wisely), your trailer’s wheel stud pattern will match that of your car’s. Factor in a second spare and/or a puncture repair kit with tyre inflator.
  • Jack stands and chocks: Jack stands make repairs easier and safer when your boat is on the trailer. And you should always chock your trailer wheels.
  • Wheel bearings, dust caps and seals: If you find play or noise in your wheels, you may have to change your wheel bearings. Always keep spare dust caps and seals around too.
  • Lubricants, grease, water dispersant and degreaser: Your boat trailer is likely to get wet and possibly submerged for launch and recovery. You therefore need marine-grade lubricant and grease for moving parts and corrosion-protection grease such as lanolin to protect the trailer frame. You should also use a water dispersant/degreaser such as WD40 to make repairing and cleaning parts easier.
  • Winch handle: They’re as easy to misplace as they are inexpensive, so have a spare around just in case.
  • Nuts and bolts: An assortment of nuts, bolts and washers for those bound-to-happen situations.
  • Fuses: For car and trailer.
  • Light bulbs: Carry spares for car, boat and trailer.
  • Electrical wire: You may need to patch up wiring that is corroded or worn from friction. Remember that the rear lights on your trailer may be submerged for launch and recovery.
  • Electrical tape: Electrical tape is easy to work with when you’re repairing delicate electrics.
  • Cable ties: Almost as versatile as duct tape.

It may surprise you how many extras you need to store in your boat, but unlike a car, you can’t always take your boat into the nearest workshop.

A lot of what you’ll need depends on how handy you are with boat maintenance and repair and how long you intend to be away from home. Ideally, you should know the basics of how your motor works, how to diagnose problems and how to get it started.

Find out more about our range of boat trailer spares.


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