The Best Caravan Driving Courses In Australia

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If you haven’t towed a caravan before, you might be feeling a bit nervous about the prospect. There are lots of challenges ahead: unfamiliar roads, wildlife, manoeuvring around caravan parks, reversing and ever changing traffic conditions. But you can conquer all of these with a little help.

The skill of caravanning is like any other – learn the tricks and tips involved and you’ll soon be doing it with ease. Really, you deserve nothing less than the best in caravan safety. So rather than hitting the open road with butterflies in your stomach, increase your confidence by taking lessons from the experts.

Here are some of the best caravan driving courses in Australia:

Sydney and national

Tow-Ed has a strong reputation for their towing expertise, and many drivers have left their grounds with greater confidence and the skills to match. Rather than specialising in caravans, they give you the know-how for towing in general, so that you’ll be a good all-rounder. You can also add to your basic skills later with an off-road towing course, if you’re planning on getting adventurous.


If you’re keen to undertake intensive caravan towing training, then a driver training organisation like Metec will take you through each step of the skills involved. They have two options: one for everything you need to know about caravanning; and one just for towing, and they provide a caravan for you to practice with if you don’t yet have one of your own.


RACQ runs a full-day workshop that puts you behind the wheel for hands-on learning. Focused on towing, by the end of the day you’ll learn the foundations to being a great caravan tower. They also cover safety tips like dealing with fatigue and DIY security checks before embarking on your trip.

Roadcraft is a highly reputable driver trainer with high-quality practice circuits. Their focus is on defensive driving while towing, so you’ll learn how to avoid problems with skills like emergency braking, in a mix of theory and practical sessions.

With a little preparation and practice, you’ll be towing your caravan like a professional. It’s worth a relatively small investment, as the ultimate caravan safety for you, your family and your fellow road travellers is the top priority.

Now that you know all the things you need to know about caravan driving courses and towing your caravan, you can head off to the most amazing Aussie locations with confidence.


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